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Endosonographie Leitstruktur linke Nebenniere

You want to learn endosonography?

You've come to the right address! The early stages of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) do not have to be bewildering. Because of the altering planes and different depiction of the internal organs when compared to abdominal ultrasound, beginners are often overwhelmed.


How does our website work?

Under the Tab “Learn Endosono” we have a step-by-step tutorial of the examination with a radial endoscope using anatomical landmarks to guide the way. In addition, we discuss typical movements and other tips and tricks in overcoming the usual obstacles preventing a clear view of the organs that are being assessed. 

Secondly, we have “Interesting Cases” in which we decipher everything that can be visualized with the ultrasound to aid understanding of anatomical landmarks. 

In addition, we have endosonographic images which are divided into “normal findings” and “pathological findings” to enable fast identification of pathological findings.


Endosonography is a medical procedure in which endoscopy is combined with ultrasound to obtain images of the internal organs.


Become an expert in endosonography fast by learning from real life cases where we do not only show pathological findngs but also the remaining anatomical structures. Only when we see it do we recognize it!

For help we also have CT Images for many cases.



For Beginners: 

Where am I?

Where are the anatomical landmarks?